Are Men Better than Women?

Are Men Better than Women?

Men get a bad rap sometimes. And for sure, there are definitely some not great men out there. But let’s be honest, there are also some not great women out there (not you or us obviously!). So, let’s pretend we are gender neutral for a moment (nailed that), and think about men and all that they are. Maybe it’s just us, but the list of why they are amazing does start to flow…

  • Men get ready faster
  • Men don’t care what other men think
  • Men like any girl who is naked
  • Men are cheaper (to maintain)
  • Men are stronger and can lift heavy things (like children and suitcases)
  • Men hug so tight when you are sad
  • Men are easy to please...
  • Men laugh out loud with their whole bodies
  • Men’s sensitive side is beyond beautiful
  • Men pick up the dog poos (ok not my husband, but most!)
  • Men are super romantic (I mean ALL those love songs written by men!)
  • Men braai
  • Men make incredible and life-long friends

Are they actually better than women? Is it a competition? Not really. Women are obviously better. Haha. Not really. Or really? I am not going to say. Tomato tomato. Women are amazing and so are men.

Aren’t we lucky to have each other?


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