Who's the Boss?

Who's the Boss?

Other than Bruce Springsteen? Well, it’s you. Of course! Boss of your life and boss of your happiness. Maaaaaybe not boss of your own house (I mean it’s probably the dog or the kids), and maybe not the boss at work (even though you are right ALL. THE. TIME.). But choosing to be irritated or joyful is pretty much down to us (don’t worry, that’s as deep as I go). And in the words of Lori Malaguzzi: “Nothing without Joy”.

And while we are talking about being the boss, Maven actually has a Boss Lady Collection (what a coincidence, I know!). We hope you find inspiration from this to dress like a BOSS again. To arrive at work and be like: TAA DAA. To feel like the boss, even when you are not actually the boss boss. And to let it bring you joy. 

So go shiny, get some ruffles or do a bright pattern. Mix in that vintage blouse, pair of heels or fur collared jacket. Bring back the twin set (ok and we will allow you to wear them separately). Wear cropped, tailored pants and pumps. Go designer. Colour. Colour. Colour. Accessorise (no more mask / earing fiascos).

So dig deep in your cupboard and find those bossy, joyful pieces. And raid mom and grannies cupboards too (those twin sets!). And if you need to spruce up that work wardrobe, then shop second hand and shop sustainably. That actually might bring you the most joy of all.  


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