What Would Mandela Do?

Mandela Day

It’s Mandela Day on Monday. And I don’t know why even writing that makes me a little teary? There is such a magic about Madiba. Who he was, what he did, how he makes us feel and the godly-like greatness of it all. 

But he wasn’t a god, he was a human guy that had a remarkable knack of connecting with every single person (probably in the world). An egotistical president to a rural woman with a bucket of water on her head. That is magical really, but not impossible. 

So one of the ideas of Mandela Day is to channel our inner Madiba for 67 minutes. But c’mon! We are better than that! Let’s give this some legs. So not just on Monday, but for every day onwards, when you are face to face, zoom to zoom, black to white, young to old, friend to foe or stranger to stranger, ask yourself “What would Mandela do?”. Let’s remind ourselves to connect. Human to human.



1. Take 67 minutes in the next week to clear out that cupboard with clothes you never wear.

2. Contact us at hello@mavencollection.co.za

3. We will donate these items, on your behalf, to The Clothing Bank.

4. Maven supports this incredible NGO. Read more about how this programme educates and uplifts women and men to be self-employed, enabling them to take control of their life and their family's future.

5. And don't forget to inspire others to do the same.


Image: Sahroe / Shutterstock.com


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