We Love White Shirts

We Love White Shirts

Unless you live on Mars (and if that is the case, thank you for subscribing to Maven’s emailers), life is full and fun. Work, friends, dates, kids, parents, hikes, runs, walks, yoga, cooking, sleeping and meditating. So sometimes one just doesn’t have time to plan the perfect colourful outfit or match your hairband with your shoelaces. Enter the white shirt. Timeless. Stylish. Effortless. A white shirt, big sunnies and you are basically Victoria Beckham. And just as an aside, how hot is David still? It’s ridiculous.

White shirts will never go out of style so it's a worthwhile investment (especially when it's second hand and sustainable). Uma in Pulp, Julia in Pretty, Princess Diana in her classic casual white shirt with jeans, Brigitte Bardot with no jeans to Jen, Vix, Em and Madge... the list is endless and timeless. 

So wake up, throw on your white shirt and stride into that beautiful, full day as if you actually woke up next to David Beckham. Just kidding. We love our husbands.

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