The Nature of Fashion

The Nature of Fashion

If you didn’t receive the memo, this season is ALL about the floral dress. And as sustainable, second hand fashionistas (ahem), we are not usually swept up into these fleeting trends. But we like this one. And we are adults and women so can change our minds. So we say: check your wardrobe, get out those florals (and if you can’t find them then buy second hand from your favourite second hand store…) and frock up! Then walk on the beach, stroll down the street, pour that chardonnay and laugh hahaha all the way through spring and summer.

This is good advice. But to show that we are not all trends, fluff and hahaha’s, this floral chat segways perfectly into another thought. Go with me here. 

We love that fashion is often inspired by nature. And with spring brings wild flowers, wisteria, large green lawns and time outdoors. So for those lucky enough to have a garden or patch of ground, we have some inspirational tips for you, to make sure your dress isn’t the only thing blooming this season (lol).

Gardening tips and inspiration (just for fun):

  • If you haven’t pruned your roses by now, it’s too late. Soz.
  • If your lawn is brown with patches of sand, it doesn’t matter if Keith Kirsten himself tended to your beds. Your garden just won’t crack it. So get that lawn dressing on pronto and water it girl.
  • Think about perennials. If you take care and nurture these, the rewards are far greater (just like taking care of a quality floral dress!).
  • It’s all about cutting back now. Making room. Giving space. Trimming. Similarly it might be time for that wax (appropriate?).
  • Even if you don’t know what you are doing, put a hat on and get out there. Fresh air. Family time. Alone time. And you can totally do it in your floral dress.

Perhaps this time nature will follow fashion. Browse our gorgeous collection of floral dresses and be inspired.  


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