The Multicolours of Women

The Multicolours of Women

Women really are amazing... if we do say so ourselves! Just look around. Whether you see Posh Spice or Sporty Spice, Stereotypical Barbie, Pregnant Barbie or Surgeon Barbie, chicks listening to start-up audiobooks while pushing their prams or machines scoring goals on the netball court. We all have our stories. 

So just in case we need reminding (which we mostly don't - because obviously we are borderline perfect and are never wrong...), let's be sure to support every single woman out there. This Women's Month. But in all months. In business, in friendship, in picking up a stranger's dropped car keys because clearly she is juggling too many balls (that is metaphorical), in kindness, in understanding and in support. 

Right, I'll hop off this horse now and get back to mowing the lawn. lol. Happy Women's Month! From us :)

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