The Denim Silhouette

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The riding, herding, mining, drinking, smoking jeans from 1873; the Jackie O white denims of 1964; the boyfriend jeans and the skinny crop. No matter which cut, good jeans will last forever and, contrary to what we are told, will never go out of style.

And are there some styles! Let’s have a brief look:

  • Bootcut
  • Demi Boot
  • Barrel Leg (for a pirate)
  • Cropped
  • High Rise Straight Leg
  • Straight (not a sexual denomination reference)
  • Slim
  • Boyfriend (for girls)
  • Distressed (purposely made with holes)
  • Baggy
  • Super Baggy (bigger than baggy)
  • Baggy Skater (massive)
  • Light Jeans
  • Flared
  • Kick Flares (for ninjas?)
  • Tailored
  • Wide Leg (maybe the same as bootcut)
  • High Rise Wide Leg (for thin giants)
  • Split Hem (no idea)
  • Asymmetrical (for storm troopers)
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Skinny (confusing as not exclusively for skinny people)
  • High Rise Skinny Crop (for Barbie)
  • Barrel
  • Vintage
  • Faded (but you can still see them)

 The list goes on.

The jean “trend” in 2022 is the Straight, the High Rise or the Baggy Wide Leg (she says confidently). But who cares! All the jean styles (even the one for ninjas) are cool. They have their day. And because there are so many perfectly made jeans already in existence, you can buy a second hand pair, do your bit for the environment, and have some fun with them. Change your denim silhouette. Go baggy skater and crop top and freak your kid out at pick up, or go tailored and blouse (don’t write off the blouse) and win that bridge club evening. Dammit. You go you bridge-playing-tailored-jean rockstar.

So have a look in your cupboard and pull them all out. And have a look at our carefully curated collection of high quality second hand jeans. We have meticulously measured each pair, so don’t be afraid. Get that tape out, measure your waste, love your number, and get that Barrel Leg. Arrr!



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