The Chloe Loves Collection with 10% OFF!

The Chloe Loves Collection with 10% OFF!

We are thrilled to be partnering with the ever-cool Misses Chloe! She is all about second hand and style!

Chloe recently combed through her closet and took out things that are lovely and beautiful which she no longer wears. These clothes need to live on and go on new adventures with a new owner! Chloe has also gone through our Maven Collection and selected pieces that she loves.

So together, we have created a super-uber-vintage-chic-rockstar-popstar-failsafe Collection. Shop it and know you will look unbelievably cool.

10% OFF for ONE WEEK!
Use her code MISSESCHLOE (enter this at checkout) and get 10% off The Chloe Loves Collection (as well as the entire site!) for one week until the 9th of November 2022.

Click here to shop The Chloe Loves Collection.


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