The Best Accessory

The Best Accessory

Maybe it’s age, covid, the cold or loadshedding (a pessimistic intro I admit!), but the point we are trying to make is girl friends are the best. Yes. And we have put together some reasons why:

  • They lie and say you are pretty when you don’t look great but need to hear you do.
  • They say you don’t look great when you don’t look great and need to know.
  • They know when they need to say yes for that drink, even if they are so tired they could fall asleep in tree pose.
  • They will collect your kid from school at the last minute.
  • They will gather around you like a herd of buffalo until you feel strong enough again.
  • They make you laugh.
  • They will try and stop you from smoking but then have a cheeky one too.
  • They help you realise you are being a crazy person and you should not put a water fountain and garden sculpture in your bedroom.
  • They appreciate your accessories (there it is, the tie in).
  • They pretend not to know about gardening to make you feel clever.
  • And they just know the right moment for hugging, high-fiving or ass-slapping.

So, whether you are drinking tea in your slippers or wearing your sparkles out and about, let’s celebrate these precious peeps. Give them a call, drop them a note, spoil them with a surprise or just bear hug them next time you see them and they will think you are mad. But they won’t. Because they are your girlfriend (girlfriend).

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