Tales & Treasures

Tales & Treasures

The wind was swirling on the dock. It was 3pm but felt as black as night, with only flickering’s of light trying to escape the heavy clouds and fog that engulfed her. And only 2 days before, the moon had lit her fair skin, and nature had stood still as Drake had moved his lips onto hers. 

A ship horn blew and she new time was running out, and desperation gripped her heart. She gathered her strength and began to run. More people. More passengers. More bags. More supplies. She was not going to make it. Her hat flew back and disappeared, but she didn’t notice. She could see the The White Tiger ahead, and the dock lines being untied with the crew looking back, while the ship began to float forwards. She stumbled and her frustration, regret and despair flung her body towards the ground.

But he caught her. He was there. His strong arms lifting her body, and finally lifting her flawless face up to meet his dark eyes. There was only time for one thing. And in that moment, the passion and intensity made her forget, as their whole bodies became one. The horn blew. They pulled away. He pressed something into her pocket as his eyes looked deep into hers. And then he was gone. Lost into the fog.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out his handkerchief. She carefully unwrapped the folded white cloth, and the air stilled, and the light slithered through a gap in the clouds. A ring. With a note. Marry me.


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