Style Tip: Old with New

Style Tip: Old with New

Vintage is edgy, timeless and of course sustainable. It can also feel a little daunting to us mere mortals that secretly still like skinny jeans and watch reruns of Friends. Well, today you are in luck, as we have a simple style tip that is going to sort you right out. Take you from regular Mary to stylish Rowena. Not that there is anything wrong with regular Mary to be honest. Most of the time regular Mary is a rockstar friend, mother, worker, wife, chef, gardener and dinner-party dancer. We love you. And one of the things we love about second hand is that it allows you to try new things, and we know regular Mary has adventure in her.

And just for those of you skimming this article thinking “PAH” as you are already a stylish Rowena and have a natural talent for vintage, don’t stray too far as our gorgeous vintage pieces are just a few clicks away.

Oh yes and the tip! Simple. Find a vintage top in your mom or granny's cupboard and pair it with your jeans. Modern meets vintage. You just need to find that one vintage piece for an outfit. Don’t go full granny. Just a jacket, a cardi, a top or a pair of shoes. And then pop on your jeans. Boom. Hello Rowena. (As an aside if you are grappling on the jean front, read our previous article “The Denim Silhouette” to give youself inspiration).

And that’s it. Have fun. Be cool. Shop sustainably.

Good luck Mary!


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