Some Bling And Banter

Some Bling And Banter

Sometimes life feels full and busy, stressful and carazy. The hamster wheel and all that. And there definitely are stages we go through when that's not just in our heads... and we actually are Luke Skywalker and the galaxy will explode if we don't fly our X-Wing through the wormhole while holding off the Trade Federation Droid Army. 

But most of the time, when we zoom out (that's right... zoom out... we are fashion therapists), we have taken it all a bit too seriously and we just must remember that life is fun. And pretty funny, actually. So if (when) you are feeling a little manic and like it's all too much, remember that you are not the president (unless you are, and then that is totally wicked that you subscribe to Maven 👋). And to realise you can say you are sorry, you can be in time for your kid tomorrow and you can recall that somewhat inappropriate email to your boss. And you definitely don't have to be perfect or know exactly what you are doing. Unless of course your are the president 👋 (or obviously Luke Skywalker - that's a big job!). 

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