The "challenge" is to not buy anything new in the month of September. But with so many incredible resellers of secondhand goods out there, online (👋), on main streets, on instagram and round the corner, I think the word "challenge" is a little 90's.  

But yes, it is a challenge to change your brain. To not do the same thing you have been doing for years and years. To open your eyes and see that secondhand is not old and tired, it's quality, it's timeless, it's stylish and it's sustainable. It's the new new. 

We know how tempting it is to jump onto some fast fashion site and buy a new top for a ridiculously low price. But we are challenging you to stop, jump off your hamster wheel and realise that you and the world deserve quality and care.

So let's challenge ourselves this #secondhandseptember and be cleverer (not sure that is a word 😬) than we were last month. Cleverer and stylisher. LOL. xx 

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