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The Vintage Collection

Oh Tom! With your black hair, strangely attractive nose and scientology. We know it (Maven knows all), but you have officially done it. You have shown us all that vintage is so HOT. Does it need some modern tweaks and additions like boyfriend jeans or a crop top? Beach football verse beach volleyball? Yes, for sure. Do you need a new motorbike? No. Do you need to change the music? No. A classic piece will make your insides move whether you have heard it once or ridden it a thousand times. In fact, it will get better with age as it evokes not only those first feelings, but the memories that you picked up from then to now. Is vintage a little cheesy, borderline dorky? Yes, definitely. But it’s so romantic. So naively beautiful and seemingly unaffected by trends and cool factors. And yet, it is just so dam cool.

So what are we saying? Firstly see Maverick, you dork. Secondly, get out granny’s mirror from the storeroom and drape a Shweshwe throw over the side. Polish that brass ornament and pop it on your Scandinavian table. Put together a golden oldie Apple playlist.

And of course, shop our incredible Vintage Collection! Feel the quality of a handmade wool skirt, and then pop on your (second hand) Zara boots and head out into the Danger Zone.

Shop our gorgeous Vintage Collection here.


Image: Stefano Chiacchiarini '74 /


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