Merry & Fun & Joyful

Merry & Fun & Joyful

'Tis the season to be merry and fun and joyful. And guess what else is merry and fun and joyful?Ā Second hand shopping šŸ˜‰. So we have put togetherĀ a little list to remind you why it's just so full of joy:

  1. You get a little risky. This fun feeling comes over you and you buy something that you usually wouldn't buy. A colour. A cut. A hat. Maybe because it's a bit cheaper or because there's this treasure hunting thing going on and your fearless inner kid comes out. It's wierd. And fun. And you should try it.
  2. Speaking of cheaper... it's cheaper. Let's be honest, even high street shopping is feeling a little TIGHT these days! So you can get that Country Road top or Poetry dress for half the price! And don't mention (ok we will) international boutiques and designer items, timeless beautiesĀ that are now just withinĀ reach.Ā 
  3. And yes, let's talk international. Second hand shopping gives you access to clothes, shoes and bags that are just not sold in this country. We find them for you and bring them to your door.
  4. You are helping Mother Earth. We know this season there is a lot of buying going on. So if you choose second hand, even for just a thing or two, you make a difference.Ā 

So... with a sustainable spring in your step and a preloved purchase on your back, you are going to have the merriest season of them all.

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