Mama Cool

Mama Cool

Being a mom is hilarious, hard, cool, scary, ridiculous, eerily quiet and super noisy. It makes you clever, makes you dumber, grows you up, plays you down and toughens you up into a cry baby.

Some moms nail the admin, some moms (still) nail their husbands (haha… too much?) and we all know and love the moms that are like ninja’s and appear at your door with a home baked vegan lasagne after your bunion op.

We, the moms of Maven, cannot help you and your schedule, but we can help you look &%$*!@# cool when you have to face the teacher after an “incident”. 

So here are some tips to keep you the stylish, edgy mom you are. The biggest tip is to be you, because there is no one else youer than you (oh go on). 


Not rocket science. Own some and be selective. We totally love the simple lace ups (like these), but yes, respect will echo through the halls when you tread with a pair of Golden Goose’s or Superga's.

Something Vintage

If it looks like something your mom or granny would wear, it's vintage. All you have to do is pair something vintage with something NOT vintage. And presto. Edgy.

The Third Piece

This is a trick (those ninja moms know it I am sure). But you need a “third piece”. Jeans and top. NO. Incorrect. That is only two pieces. Get that jacket, gilet, wastecoat or cardi. Boom. Enter, the third piece.

Doc Martins or The Like
You might think you can’t pull it off, but you can. And the best news is that they are really warm, very comfortable and super durable. What more does a mom need?

A Beautiful Bag
Rid yourself of clutter and that mini cheddars packet - leave your everyday bag by the bed. Put your phone and wallet in your beautiful bag and head out to dinner at friends or a movie.

A Super Girlie Gorgeous Pair of Shoes
It’s like the perfect storm. Doc Martins by day and Ted Baker’s by night. Be dainty, feel pretty and do some twirling.

Something Unexpected
For yourself. Turn your style uniform on its head and wear something that surprises you (and no doubt everyone else). Second hand shopping here helps as things are a bit cheaper, so be experimental. A hat, a corset, a pleather skirt, a sequenced bomber jacket.
You are ready. Good luck. Shop our range


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