Love & Dates

Love & Dates

We love a date! Don’t get us wrong, we also love the couch, mint tea and Netflix. But someone, your one, telling you that they want to spend a few hours out with just you. They want to take you somewhere cool, cozy or colossal, and listen to your stories and tell you theirs. Well that’s pretty special, and you don’t need a therapist to tell you that.

And then, there are the studies from all those clever universities and studying people, that say after a date magical stuff happens. There is more gratitude, more patience, more intimacy (oooooh), less stress, your children are happier (serious) and there is a general increase in personal and couple well being. The magic even makes your partner more good looking (right?). And to top this, there is a chemical explosion in your brain (yes, now we are scientists as well as sex education specialists) and all these positive emotions result in your brain wanting this experience more and more.

And who doesn’t love a doll up! PICK US! Whether it’s your leathers and Doc Martins or lace and heels (hmm or lace and docs or maybe leather and heels), wearing something that makes YOU feel good, well, it just makes you feel good! And yes, now we are rocket scientists. Haha.

So what are we saying? Make sure you have a date night once a week with your long term partner or you are doomed? No! First off, you could never be doomed as you shop sustainably with Maven so the world loves you. Secondly, if what you do is take your multi-vitamins at 7:55pm daily, peck each other on the cheek and it’s lights out by 8:30. And you are happy. Yay for you! If you watch reruns of The Voice while your lover watches Drive to Survive with ear phones holding your leg – go for it. Don’t feel doomed or guilty or concerned. Enjoy every minute.

What we ARE saying… is just don’t forget the date. The fancy dinner, the bar you always went to, the yoga class you have been meaning to try, the walk round the block, the hike up the mountain, ice cream cones, the spa, the casino, sharing a bottle of champagne, dancing (yes please), the art gallery, the karaoke bar (ok I read that one when I was researching here and had to throw it in, do they exist? Someone tell me! My husband would die die die and I have to do it), antique shopping, tennis, paddle (or paDEL as they say in France), golf or just a Hawaiian pizza and a coke zero (because that makes sense).

Life is simply too short not to date! So dust off ‘em heels and pull out that precious leather. And then tell us all about it (not the sex part, more like what you wore).

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