Listening to Kylie in your Active Wear

Listening to Kylie in your Active Wear

I mean it would be fun if the 80's exercise wear came back and became the active wear of 2023. The drink flat whites / meet for breakie / drop kids off at school / grocery shop / walk the baby type of accepted active wear. All of us in our high cut leotards, yellow tights and pink leg warmers talking about the weather in Woolies. Driving in our 4x2's with our headbands and the Kylie album being the soundtrack to life. It will come. Surely?

In the meantime... we are not complaining. The fact that we can wear active wear whether we are active or not is a life game-changer. And you can look pretty dang HOT in a pair of sweats and a baggy jumper. Who knew!]

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