Introducing Us

Introducing Us

Introducing... US. TADA! Actually you mostly all know us (you guys!). But for those that don't:

Kate on the left: Mother of boys, wife to legend (he subscribes what can I say), lover of dogs, golf and red wine. Teri in the middle: Mother of girls; wife to legend (he also subscribes); lover of the planet, friends and Africa Burn. Jane on the right: Mother of both, wife to legend (imagine what we would say if these husbands didn't subscribe!); lover of fashion, the mountain and great bubbles.

And we are all lovers of you for supporting Maven. Us.

And to celebrate, we will keep slogging away, night and day, no matter the weather or power-outage, to bring you the most gorgeous, unique, sustainable and quality pieces - for half the price of new! You are welcome. πŸ‘Š

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