Mother's Day Tips on Shopping for Kids

Mother's Day Tips on Shopping for Kids
(NB Point 9)

  1. Make a cup of tea or coffee or pour yourself wine.
  2. Open laptop.
  3. Go to
  4. Click KIDS. For boys click Boys, for girls click Girls. Shop All for both.
  5. Go to FILTER and select your child’s age (select for more than one age by going back to FILTER. It’s a pleasure).
  6. Sip drink.
  7. Browse insane quality brands at half the price.
  8. Add to Cart all the winter clothes and shoes your kids need.
  9. Now (NB), go to WOMEN and browse Shop All. Select a few pieces with all the money you have saved from buying second hand kids' clothes.
  10. Add those to cart.
  11. Sip drink.
  12. Check Out and pay with our simple online card payment system.
  13. Wait for delivery to your door in 2-3 days.

 The End.

Click here to shop for kids' clothes (pour drink).


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