How to Keep Warm in Winter

How to Keep Warm in Winter

(Hint: Buy a Maven Jacket or Coat)

Don’t wear tight shoes
You need to be able to run properly so that you can stay ahead of cold gusts of wind. No not really. It’s actually to make sure your blood circulates properly through your feet so they don’t get cold, as that can make your whole body cold. Alternatively,  just wear fashionable, super uncomfortable shoes and buy a Maven jacket or coat to counter the cold feet issue.

Think back on good times
Honestly. There is a study suggesting listening to music that reminds you of good times gone by or going through old photos literally warms the cockles of your heart. Bless. Do it while wearing a Maven jacket or coat.

Do housework
Hahahahahahahahaha not sure whether the article I was reading was published in 1885, but a recommendation is to vacuum to keep warm. I say rather buy a Maven jacket or coat and head out for supper. NEXT!

Drink lots of liquid
And before we all get excited thinking red wine and whisky. No, alas, it’s water. If you are dehydrated its more difficult to regulate your body temperature. As an aside, alcohol unfortunately lowers your core temperature. But just make sure you are wearing a Maven jacket or coat and cheers to you!

Get cold to keep warm
Apparently, getting your body used to cold temperatures prepares your body better for cold temperatures. It lowers the “set point” so that you don’t feel the cold until you are reaaallly cold. So channel your inner Lewis Pugh and get icy. Or just buy a Maven jacket or coat.

Muscle tissue generates heat, so exercise and keeping fit keeps you warmer. Makes perfect sense in my head, body at 6am when it’s dark and cold is not so convinced. So, as an alternative, squat while putting on your Maven jacket or coat.

Hot water bottle
They looked silly in 1922, and they look silly in 2022, but they work like the bomb. You can even keep one under your Maven jacket or coat.

Wear a Maven jacket or coat
Did I mention this? Click here for our first stock load of jackets and coats.


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