Festival Fashion & Wanderlust

Festival Fashion & Wanderlust

Whether it’s to dance, sit still, celebrate history, a creative expression or just to drink beer with friends, there is a festival for you (and an outfit to match #justsaying). Maven is proud to have a Festival Collection and SA is currently in the throws of festival season. So with all this in mind, we've loaded new amazing stock and researched a few faraway festivals for inspiration. Et Voilá! A festival email.

Summerfest, Milwaukee USA
Officially named the biggest music festival in the world, Summerfest is also known to be the most budget friendly (thank *%$# for us poor saffas!). And there is still time to get your tickets as it starts on the 23rd of June! Lineup includes Kiss, Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Halsey and Josh Groban. You will need something Americany to wear, like this tassle top or maybe a cheeky star’s onesie.

Boryeong Mud Festival, Boryeong, South Korea
If I am understanding this festival correctly, you go and wade through mud, slip down a mud slide, body paint with mud, make mud soaps and do mud maze obstacle courses all while listening to rad live music. Hillarious. And all this mud is nutrient rich so you come away with fabulous skin? Yes please! You will need a small little number I imagine. Go with a friend (yay), go with a partner (oooooh) or go with the family (aaaaah).

Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA
According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary there are nearly one million words in the English language. But we’re not sure any of them can adequately explain the inspired madness that goes down in the north western Nevada desert every summer.” (reference) Unless you don’t know, Burning Man celebrates art, community, self-expression and self-reliance. Our little local AfricaBurn is coming up, and what this festival is telling us is to wear whatever we like! Click our full festival collection here.

Holi, India
Otherwise known as the Festival of Colour and also the Festival of Love. Which means don’t go if you are a grumpy, dull, asshole (can one say that on a blog?). This beautiful Hindu festival celebrates the arrival of spring and signifies the victory of good over evil. You will spend your days smearing coloured powder all over friends and strangers, throwing coloured water at each other and dancing under sprinklers. We actually have the PERFECT skirt for this festival, or this gorgeous red kimono will give you all the colour you need.
Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival, China
I don’t know if it’s just me… but oooh this sounds insane. Even the -31 temperature isn’t scaring off my itchy feet! So, let’s go and wonder around this northeastern Chinese city and celebrate the sheer magic of building-sized ice sculptures made up of giant ice blocks taken from the river. Although my duty in this mailer is to try and get you, the reader, to buy as many pieces from our Festival Collection as humanly possible, I’m going to recommend a cozy jacket for this one. Your needs come first. It’s a pleasure.
WOMAD, Wiltshire, England
This music festival (World of Music, Arts and Dance) focuses on embracing the world’s disparate cultures, and by using art, music and dance, encourages breaking down boundaries. Musicians from the furthest corners of the world get together and collaborate to create extraordinary sounds and performances. What a thing to be present for! You’ll need something warm and perhaps a lovely cultural piece for this epic experience.
Vesak Festival, Sri Lanka
This is one of the most important Buddhist festivals, and commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama. With everything being decorated in lanterns, plenty of meditation, vegetarian food, charity donations and “bathing” this sounds like one of the calmest, most peaceful, meat-free spiritual experiences in the world. It feels like one should go naked to this, but don’t. Wear this.

Shop our full Festival Collection here. And have fun. Always.


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