Designer Desire

Designer Desire

We are a bit nuts. And when I say “we”, I mean us women. And when I say “nuts”, I mean brilliantly nuts. We can be way too emotional, weirdly controlled, smile when we are sad, transform into protective wild grizzly bears, we can be ruthless, and then pushovers and then cry uncontrollably at ridiculously unemotional moments in movies and not be able to explain ourselves. And yes, we are conspicuous consumers. We don’t know why (universities have studied us wondrous creatures for decades), but there is something about designer brands that we just cannot ignore. And don’t pretend you are different and above it all.

Secretly, down down there, you also would love a Versace coat or a Chanel bag. It is kind of irrational and ludicrous. And is the lure of luxury because we want to be showy, up our self esteem, or do we truly believe in its quality (it is great quality!)? A University of Minnesota study even concluded that by wearing a designer label you ward off other woman from stealing your man (picture a crazy lady holding a Gucci handbag in a shield-like position screaming “back off my man”). Haha. Flip that is epic. We really are epic.

Whatever the reason, we say buy that item if you want that item, you crazy lady (don’t buy a million of them – like don’t go too cray). Just buy it second hand, for half the price, while helping to save the planet. With Maven.

Now that seems pretty rational!

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