Colour in the Cold

Colour in the Cold

We wear darker colours in winter as it absorbs the sunlight and keeps us warmer. But really? Not really. We live in Africa, first of all. And secondly, we wear darker colours because the shops have darker colours on their racks. And do we like other people telling us what to wear? NO!

But Maven is now going to tell you what to wear. WE can tell you what to wear as Maven is so nice and kind and we really do have your best interests at heart. Not only are we nice, but shopping sustainably with Maven makes YOU super nice as you are helping to save our planet. OK, back to Maven telling you what to wear. Wear colour this winter! 

Which colour suits you?

We know you juggle like 80 million things in a day, so here is a quick refresh:

  • A “cool” skin undertone is pinkish (with blue, grey or green eyes) = your colours are more green, blue and purple.
  • A “warm” skin undertone is peach, caramel or yellow (with hazel, green or brown eyes) = your colours are more red, orange and yellow.
  • Neutral skin undertone (maybe you have a pinkish skin but brown eyes) = well done, you win, you can wear anything. Hurrah for you.

NB Note: You cannot cannot wear a colour that does not complement your skin undertone. The colour police will come and put you in colour jail.  

And here is a little colour wheel just to feel inspired with some hot tips:

Colour Wheel
  1. Go tonal. Wear different shades of the same colour (like this red cardi with these red jeans).
  2. Wear colours that are next to each other for a more subtle colour look (these purple pants with this gorgeous blue blouse. Hardly seems subtle to be honest, more like HOT!).
  3. And colours that sit opposite each other on the wheel are very complementary. Check out this stunning yellow dress with a pink cardi.

If you are not so sure on this colour stuff, start small with a handbag or a scarf. The joy of colour will get you eventually. Those are our lessons for the day. Oh and send us pics! We want to see your colourful smile.

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