Colour Coding

Colour Coding

We should all have more fun with fashion (in our humble opinion :). You can have a good laugh with yourself, your friends, your partner, strangers and also people you don't particularly like. Haha. 

You can dress very silly the one day, and super smart the next, as if you are heading for a meeting at the UN to discuss harsher punishment for parole violators (Miss Congeniality - anyone?). You can play with minimalism and the next day go festival fashion and put flowers in your hair (probably - within reason). 

And you can have so much fun with colour. You can change your mood, your mind. Perhaps you feel emotional and down and then dammit, you will dress head-to-toe in black, feeling a need to tell the world. Or you might not want to wallow in your somber state and then combine orange, pink and red to feel warm, soft and loved.

So spring clean that cupboard and have a little fun. And if you need more inspiration - second hand shopping (ahem 👋) allows you to have more fun - to take more risks. You will find treasures that surprise you. 

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