Cashmere & Kilts

Cashmere & Kilts

Perhaps it’s the cold coming in or all the rain that has hit the country (we are sending all our love to you, beautiful KZN), or then again we MIGHT have just watched too much Outlander (dammit!), but we are feeling a little Scottish with a lot of cashmere and wool on the side!

We don’t need to say much more about the kilt-inspired 100% wool skirts in our current collection, other than WHY wouldn’t you own one?! But the CASHMERE, the soft, warm, luxurious and cozy cashmere, well there is a bit to say here. Cashmere is expensive and it should be. This special yarn comes from the under fibres of the cashmere goat, and it is a very specific and complex task to spin this yarn and create garments from them.

We are all about sustainability, slow fashion, helping mother earth and recycling. So when beautiful cashmere and wool knits come to us, our responsibility to re-use and sustain what we have, kicks in. We want to look after these precious pieces by finding them good homes where they will be worn again and again.

Feel amazing, look stylish and spoil yourself with a cozy, luxurious second hand piece from a goat in Kashmir.

Shop our cashmere and wool collection and our full winter range here.


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