Boot Up

Boot Up

One of the greatest joys of winter? Red wine. I mean er, boots! But really, boots! During summer we are all trainers and sandals. At a stretch we are a kitten heel for a meeting or a (low / lame) wedge for a date (maaaybe).

But here comes the boot and we can go a bit crazy!

Even a high heel in the middle of the day. Can you imagine? And it’s deemed edgy and cool, not housewife prissy missy. We can dress up but not seem dressed up. YAY we say! On top of this great revelation is the fact that these days ANY boot goes. Goes where you say? Well, any boot can go to a posh restaurant or a street party; a picnic or dinner at the in-laws. Any boot can go with a floral skirt or baggy high wasted jeans. It’s like a crazy boot festival of fun! And Maven is very excited so we have thrown a few ideas together for you.


The you-are-not-too-old-for-this-boot boot

Takes years off a long floral dress, turns you into a Guess model when worn with jeans, and revamps a little number for day or night. (A little chunk is also so on on trend, we cannot lie.) 

Long dress: R295  |  Jeans: R395  |  Boots: R650  |  Short dress: R550


The I-work-but-am-a-rockstar boot

These babies are smart with a pinafore in the boardroom, transform a long skirt and will leave your groupies begging for more as you strum your guitar with your pleather pants. 

Pinafore: R395  |   Skirt: R295  |  Boots: R1250  |  Leggings: R250


The I-am-vintage-and-I-like-books boot

Just kidding, maybe you don't like books but still like these boots, and that's ok. That's basically what we are saying. Any boot goes. You cool nerd you.

Jeans: R550  |  Dr Martins: R550  |  Vintage boots: R350  |  Pants: R350


The stop-it-I-know-how-to-ride-a-horse boot

Go old school with bootleg jeans, or get that Canadian visa and head to the Calgary Stampede with these boots and a denim mini and you will basically win the rodeo just for looking so hot. Then hop on the plane in this white shirt dress and yeehaw all the way home. 

 Jeans: R550  |  Boots: R2500  |  Dress: R350  |  Skirt: R395


The everyone-must-own-a-pair-of-long-boots boot

Day, night, short, long, curvy, skinny, shy, wierd, old or young, long boots are timeless. They suit short or long dresses, all pants and don't forget to try a little 80's style by tucking in your baggie jeans (we couldn't fit the jean picture and that's just life).  


Dress: R350  |  Brown boots: R695  |  Black boots: R450  |  Short dress: R550


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