Blazers and The Backstreet Boys

Blazers and The Backstreet Boys

We all have these closets full of clothes, and many mornings stare blankly thinking that we have nothing to wear. This makes no sense. But fear not dear damsel, we are here to help you! 

What you need is some inspiration of how to bring things back, like the Backstreet Boys. You are stuck in a moment, and you can’t get out of it (yes I know different band). But really, we need to challenge ourselves to wear something different. More often. To pull those palazzo pants from the back there, mix it with a pink vintage blouse and some espadrilles and head on out. Will this work? Will this crown you Miss Car Park, we don’t know. Maybe. Or will your name become synonymous with “crazy-lady” and uttered under the breaths of colleagues and coffee shop baristas for years to come. Maybe. But who cares!

So to start you off and fill you with inspiration, we are bringing back the blazer. This cheeky number is so versatile you THINK you need to be going to the office or the opera when you put it on, but you don’t.

You can wear it with:

  • A crop top (yeah, that would get those tongues wagging)
  • A mid-length causal summer floral number
  • A vest (hot!)
  • Shorts (hippie-vintage vibes)
  • Classic white tee (obvs)
  • A jumpsuit (definitely)
  • High wasted jeans
  • Low wasted jeans
  • Boyfriend jeans
  • Etc on the jeans
  • A mini skirt (cool)
  • A blouse (and just own it)

Send us pics of some blazers and #proudlynotnew new outfits and combos. It's going to be fun. And remember, you are... Larger Than Life.

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