Be you.

Be you.

And no. We don't mean now you have to wear open toe heels with white socks, or wear your granny's vintage skirt that you think makes you look fat (whatevs), or high wasted jeans (yes, really, let's have the skinny vs boyfriend jean debate. AGAIN. NOT), or pink eye shadow, or an oversized white shirt. That's exactly it. Wear whatever you want to wear. Be you. 

BUT (oh heeeere she goes)... the JOY of Maven (in our humble little opinion), is that we have stocked so much cool, original, unique stuff. We have made it so fun and so easy to find the stuff for you. And your friends or your mother or husband or lover wouldn't think that it is you... but actually, it's you. Because... "there is no one alive that is Youer than You". 

Shop our unique and incredible collection.


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