Be a Funky Sustainable Family

Be a Funky Sustainable Family

You, and your crew, can be a funky sustainable family.

And that doesn't mean you have to be style gurus with dad in a leather jacket and mom in a vintage onsey. Or all be tree huggers and be ok with kids naked in public spaces. Or spend hours thrifting on back streets and pretend you like straight vodka when actually you yearn for the days when sauv blanc was cool. 

You can be a funky sustainable family by shopping with Maven (that's us! Hurrah!). We have women, men's and kids #proudlynotnew clothes that are in such good nick you will think they are new. But they are not. They are circular. Sustainable. Half the price of new. And helping our beautiful planet. 

And people (so many many people) will say: "Oh my gosh, your daughter's jacket is adorable" OR "Goodness me your boots are crazy amazing". And you will smile and nod and know you are that funky sustainable family. And who cares if you also like straight vodka!

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