All K(n)itted Out!

All K(n)itted Out!

There was an article entitled “A Winner Winter Attitude”. On the list at number 2 was “Take up a new hobby” (haha), number 4 was “Organise” (hilarious) and number 9 was “Eat well”. Another article talked about staying positive in winter, and was notably similarly entitled “A Winning Winter Attitude” (that “ww” alliteration is hard to beat) and it listed things like “Begin a gratitude journal” and “Getting more exercise”. 

These things are important and don’t get us wrong, we are all about the gratitude and vegetables. However, we are going to share with you the most important thing to stay positive in winter and keep that winning winter wooliness. Yes, the knit (title was a bit of a spoiler). A stylish, comfortable cozy knit. And THEN! Oh the places you can go (!) and the things that you can DO in that knit. Whether it’s granny’s or the oversized cardi, you cannot survive winter without a knit, no matter how many beans you eat.

So with this in mind, and your knit on your back (we are not kidding you just cannot do these things without a knit), here is Maven’s list to have a marvelous mindset through the misty months. And as you read each item, imagine yourself in your cozy knit:

  • Head out and paint the town green
  • Wear silly socks
  • Watch the Sardine Run
  • Eat stew with pap
  • Moonlight hike up Lions Head
  • Drink red wine at a fire
  • Cuddle
  • Support talent at the National Arts Festival
  • Make a snow angel in the Matroosberg
  • Dip an Ouma
  • Breathe in the wild flowers of Namaqualand
  • Melt marshmellows on a stick
  • Dress up for a girl's lunch
  • Watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • See the stars in Sutherland
  • Read
  • Watch whales
  • Sip an Amarula coffee at a water hole
  • Appreciate Koos Kombuis
  • Have an afternoon nap
  • Host a dinner party with best friends
  • Drink in the sea with an Oyster
  • Bake
  • Watch the sunrise over the Karoo
  • …or a sunset in the Kgalagadi

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