A Winter Pep Talk (& Our Under R350 Collection)

A Winter Pep Talk (& Our Under R350 Collection)

We are not going to lie – July is feeling a little tough. We may need to just lay down on our chaise longue in our Cinderella dress (which we just threw on) and have a long nap. Is this just us? It’s cold, its dark (in all the wrong ways) and the mood is… moody.

But we are giving ourselves a pep talk (right now) and you are invited to listen. Here it is:

First of all (Princess), it’s not actually THAT cold. In­­ Canada they have underground tunnels and if you are outside for more than 7 minutes in winter you die. Like, actually D.I.E. And ok yes, it’s dark. The lights have been switched off. But dammit, where is our grit? 

We are African and we need to pull ourselves together, light the candles and have a braai in our sheepskin slippers and K-Way (second hand, ahem) puffers! We need to be extra kind to absolutely everyone (this is the ninja-jedi-happiness-trick: it makes others feel good and yourself). We need to tell jokes, see friends, be patient and fake laugh until it becomes a real one (this can happen - it’s helpful and less weird if someone does it with you). And yes, obviously we need to eat our veggies and exercise and blah blah you know the drill on that.

Now, close your eyes and imagine “Eye of the Tiger” is playing and you are in the biggest group hug ever.

The end of (a great) pep talk.


PS OH and lest we forget, we have an Under R350 Collection. This is LIKE a SALE as the items are so afforable, but it's not a sale (to be clear). It's always there and we always add to it. It will make you happy and it’s all sustainable. So the clothes and the happiness will last and last :)

Under R350 Collection


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