A Summer Romance

A Summer Romance

A Little Saucy Summer Romance Short Story (for you for fun):

It was the end of a year. A long year. A hard, weird, long year. Lucy zipped her suitcase and wheeled it to her parent’s car. A holiday with the parents. She was definitely too old for this.

The house was better than the pictures. The ocean stretched out in front of them and the waves played at the edges of the front garden. By day 3 Lucy was in her routine: morning run on the pathways through the vlei and onto the beach, where she would strip down and dive into the waves in her crop top and bikini bottoms. She had worked hard keeping fit this year even after everything with Brad, and loved the feeling of confidence it gave her. She would wave at the dad and two boys who seemed to have a similar early morning swim routine. He was tall, tanned and generous with his smile and laughter with his boys.

One morning she arrived onto a deserted main beach, took off her running gear and walked towards the sea. Only then did she see his face lift up out the water just in front of her. He had not seen her either and as he smiled in surprise, a wave crashed into him from behind and he tumbled under. They both laughed as he re-emerged and they dived under the next wave together. His skin was smooth and eyes followed hers. His conversation was not as smooth as he asked about her run with a hint of a stutter. The water was warm but Lucy felt her legs freeze like blocks of ice as they chatted awkwardly in the ocean. She suddenly realized that this was a very dark road and made some breakfast excuse and rushed out the sea. A married man. The last thing she needed. 

The next morning it felt like she couldn’t run fast enough to get to the sea. She couldn’t help herself. The three boys were there, and he introduced her to the two kids as the waves came in perfect sets while the sun climbed higher in the sky. What on earth was she doing. And once again hastily retreated out, moving her eyes away from his smile with difficulty.

But as the days rolled on, the routine changed and it became the 4 of them swimming every morning together. As if they had always done it. The conversations now far from awkward as she easily opened up to him about her year, and learnt about his wife’s passing a few years back. She would watch his back silhouttted by the sun, strong and calm, and she could feel his eyes on her body when she wasn’t looking.

One morning Lucy arrived at the beach and it was empty. She suddenly felt anxious for the first time that holiday. Her heart was racing. She couldn’t slow it down. She entered the sea and lay on her back floating trying to get a hold of her senses. She dropped under and emerged wiping the salt water from her eyes. There was a touch on her waste and Lucy flipped round. He was so close. His face blocking the sun as his hand slid further around her. She didn’t know whether her heart was racing or had stopped completely, and she held her breathe as he smiled. He leaned in and whispered softly to her. She let her arms drape gently around his neck and she whispered back. He brought his other arm and touched her cheek and their lips met.


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