A Maven Moment

A Maven Moment

Perhaps something like a Maven Moment might take off? Like a date night, just more concentrated. Where you and your partner sit together, browsing the Maven site. And then an image of a tweed jacket will remind one of you about a funny story that day involving a poodle and cyclist, and you will laugh and laugh together as you continue to scroll through the pages of our curated collection. And you will add a blue blouse to the cart and it sparks a glorious debate of whether that is your colour, or whether it washes you out. And you take a bet and chink your glasses, catching each others eyes (gateway to the soul) and then head to the checkout page. And then one of you will pull out their credit card, but then the other will say, "No babe, this ones on me," and your love will deepen as they enter their secret code on the authorisation page. 

Seriously, this could take off. Let us know how it goes... #mavenmoment

Enjoy your #mavenmoment and click here to browse.


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