6 Must Have Handbags

6 Must Have Handbags

An investment handbag is like a good husband, you will have it forever. It's something you will treasure and it becomes even more beautiful and valuable with age (just like that husband). You will pass it down to the next generation, or could even sell it for more than you bought it for down the line. 

So don't buy millions of cheapies. Read our top 6 handbag styles and choose quality over quantity.

1. Totes Serious Bag

One doesn’t HAVE to be serious when accessorising with a Tote bag, but one can. It can fit a notebook and a pen, a laptop and pre-meeting make up. Of course it also houses some lesser glam things like wet wipes and a packet of jelly babies. All this while looking super stylish - like you know what you want and where you are going. Because you do.


2.  Hands Free Bag

The must have cross body bag. Sling it over any outfit and run off into the world waving goodbye with one hand and slapping your side with the other. Choose a small to medium sized one, not too heavy that it creates the wierd, middle boob separation. Or pops a button on your blouse (blouse?).

3. Supersize Bag 

Not only is this bag saving the world (no more plastic shopping bags with this baby), but it’s also one of the most versatile bags. It can rock a balance with a bodysuit and high wasted skinny jeans, but is also cool as a cucumber with some big sleeves or an oversized trench.

4. Day Clutch

A lunch or just ramping up a house dress (say what!?), a day time clutch is a versatile accessory to be fashionable and feminine, without trying too hard. It must be slightly larger than an evening bag to fit all you need inside, and some have that sneaky fold over flap to fit more in (like the half bottle of wine you take home).

5. Evening Bag

An evening bag is a must have item in your wardrobe, something delicate to fit under your arm or in your hand. Go for something shiny or black, and you will never have to worry about the right bag for a wedding, birthday party or date night again.


6. Colour Me Happy Bag

Black outfit, colourful bag. Boom. Colourful outfit, colourful bag. Boom. When in doubt, colour bag! A bit of a statement piece, where people are like, oh my gosh where did you get that? And you are like, Maven! Second hand. Can you believe it? And they are like, no WAYS. Amazing. The end.


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