10 Wise Reasons to Buy Second Hand

10 Wise Reasons to Buy Second Hand

Sometimes we need to be reminded about even the most obvious things. The fashion industry has a devastating effect on our environment (for some latest stats, read a recently published Bloomberg article here). 

We are here to tell you that you can make a difference by buying second hand. So if you are not convinced from Bloomberg's stats, we have put together a list to show you why second hand is the new new.


1. It’s just cheaper

There is nothing more to say about that. Simple. It’s basically a half price sale. All. The. Time.


2. You are creating a circular economy

We need to create a donut. Currently fashion, and a lot of what we use in our daily lives, is a straight line. The product has a beginning, middle and end. But we need to upcycle, recycle, and keep these items out of landfills. Be the donut.


3. Second hand shopping is super fun

You will no doubt buy something you might never usually buy. And you will put it on and go, goodness me, but I look HOT in this. How unexpected. How fun?


4. You save our beautiful world’s natural resources

We said it above, and we will say it again, the fashion industry has a devastating effect on our environment. And our kids environment. Let’s buy things that are already made and already in the world.


5. It will help you develop your own style

Fast fashion tells us what we should wear. Oh the trends. Tuck it in, wear orange this season (even though you look terrible in orange), skinny is out and totes are in. But you, should be you. Be original. Be stylish. Be you.


6. It’s local, it’s a community

Most second hand places are run by local people (hi!), so you are supporting local businesses. And even more than that, it’s a bit of a community. You might even know the names of the people you are buying from. That’s pretty cool.


7. Spoil yourself or your friend

That handbag, the one that is thousands and thousands of Rands? Well now it’s half that price. And you will feel doubly as fabulous telling your friends about your buy.


8. It’s actually healthier for you

Some of these newer materials in our fast fashion world are bad for our skin! Yikes. There is a reason they say wash before you wear!


9. Not supporting fast fashion, means not supporting child labour and unfair working conditions

So much to say about this! But briefly, hundreds of thousands of fashion factory workers are severely underpaid and extremely unfairly treated. We can make a difference by buying second hand and from more sustainable brands.


10. Support a good cause

Most second hand retailers (hi!), support NGO’s. Maven supports The Clothing Bank (click here for more info on that). So you really can feel good about the purchases you make.


The mindset is changing, and you can be a part of it. If half the people in the world started buying half their wardrobe second hand, the impact would be global. And the best part is (as hopefully we have proven above), it doesn’t mean never shopping again or not having fun or not looking cool. Quite the opposite.


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